Friday, March 12, 2010

Dad takes me to Morro Bay

So I crawled out from under the covers on Thursday morning only to hear my Dad say that he was taking me to work with him. Huh? I don't work. I eat and sleep, doesn't he know that? Well the plan was that I would drive around with him all day and then go to Morro Bay. He said I was going to spend some time with Gunther and Betty and Stella and maybe some other dogs. Oh great, I'm a people person, I'm not one to spend a lot of time with - dogs!
After driving around all day looking at tree's (that's what Dad does for a living, go figure) we stopped down by the ocean to see the Channel Islands.

So we finally got to where the smushy faces live. At first I was kinda worried because this bulldog named Betty started barking at me for no good reason. I didn't bark back, I just stayed close to Dad and pretty soon she stopped barking and settled for just following me around.Gunther the pug was a lot mellower and even allowed me to pose for a picture with him

Then there were these pink things. Dad called them flamingo's. He said they weren't alive but I don't know, they looked kinda scary. I let Dad take a picture, then I was outa there.
I didn't get to get a picture taken with Stella yet. She is this black pug that seems to sleep a lot. Dad says we are going to someplace called Bark Park with her tomorrow, so maybe I can get a picture took with her. I did lay down on her bed for a while, but the sun was too bright and I couldn't keep my eyes open
After hanging out with my new friends for a while, we went to Petco. Dad wanted to get me a new walking harness. I din't think my pink one was so bad, but he said it was too feminine. Hey, I'm a girl, what's wrong with feminine?
Maybe tomorrow Dad will put on a picture with my new harness. If you want to leave me a message, just click on the little thingy below that says Comments.

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