Saturday, March 13, 2010

What a big day!

Oh man, today was Saturday. Hello! Saturdays are for sleeping in. What does Dad do, gets me up at 7:00 in the morning and says, I have an idea, let's go for a walk. OK, as long as I get breakfast first. So we went down to this place called Morro Rock. It was cold and Dad didn't put my sweater on. After a nice lady commented that I looked cold, we went back to the car and my dad put my sweater on. Aaaah, so much better.So in my new-found warmth we walked down the Embarcadero where all the fishing boats were. Much to my surprise, Wilson the Corgi was out running around by himself and decided to come up and say hi. After he checked me out and decided I was ok I found out that he lives on one of the fishing boats and his Dad just lets him wander around on his own! He never goes very far and everybody around there likes him. I kinda liked him too, he was mellow.
OK, so from mellow Wilson we get to Bark Park and out of control hyper Charlie. I hadn't been there 60 seconds and he had me on my back. He wasn't hurting me, he was just trying to play, but he was so freaking big and strong. So I just ignored him and eventually he went on to play with the other dogs that appreciated his attention. Probably I could learn to like him, but holy dachsie he was strong.

Now, I decided I needed to prove something to Dad. When I went to the doctor yesterday he told me I needed to lose 2 lbs. Now you might not think that is much, but that is 17% of my entire 12 lbs! Dad doesn't think I get enough exercise because I don't run. Well watch this, daddy-o, what do you know, I can run. It was kind of fun actually.

Of course my running is nothing compared to my friend Stella - now that girl can run. She was keeping up with Gunther and Betty and Lucy and Buster. Whew, just watching her made me want to go and take a nap.

So into the car, snuggle into my blanket and nap all the way home - at which point it was out of the car, a quick pee then onto the couch and a different blanket and I am out.

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