Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kayaking? What's that?

So the other day I was hanging out with my dad and some of his two-legger friends and they started talking about going kayaking. I was kind of bored since I had no idea what they were talking about. I just layed on my blanket and listened, until I heard my name mentioned. That got my attention. I thought I heard Dad say that I was going kayaking with them. Now I'm interested, especially since they said something about lunch being involved.

So before I knew it Dad was putting me into this long blue thing that he called a kayak and put me in the water. Have you ever tried standing up in something that was moving around in the water. Not easy, especially if you have short legs. Fortunately Dad had put my blanket under me so I just laid down, put my head on Dad's lap and decided to ride it out and see what happens.

After a bit I decided that this was kind of cool, so I got up and looked around to see where we were. Wow! Out in the middle of the bay. There's two other kayaks with Kim and Erin. I heard them say that Brooke and Riley had been with us but they had to go back. Kim keeps pointing that camera at me. Here Kim, how is this for a pose.

When we got out to where lunch was going to be, guess what Dad did? Did he feed me? No, he grabbed his camera and started taking pictures. Hey Dad, it's me Roxie - does the word lunch mean anything to you?

Finally we sit down on the blanket and have lunch. Actually, since I normally don't have lunch because I have to lose a little weight, all I got was a few little pieces of sandwich and a couple of pieces of cheese. Oh well, I had a really good time hanging with Dad and his friends

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